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Shipping Pier 80

Pier 80 is a car shipping location located on the San Francisco bay

Tesla's that are about the be shipped appear as white, this is because of the protective wrapping.

Because of this we can easely compare the staging lot to monitor outgoing shipping.

Historic transports from Shipping Pier 80

Start loadingDeparture DateVesselDestinationArrival DateApproximate amount of vehicles
18-06-201818-06-2018Glovis CenturyTianjin - China03-07-2018unknown at this time
08-05-201808-05-2018Aquarius LeaderNagoya - Japan22-05-2018approx 700 unknown if tesla's
05-05-201805-05-2018Clover AceTianjin - China22-05-2018approx 700 based on arrival sat image analyses
01-05-201805-05-2018Glovis PhoenixTianjin - China21-05-2018approx 1250
27-04-201801-05-2018GMT AstroShanghai - China19-05-2018approx 1250
20-02-201824-02-2018G PoseidonShanghai - China10-03-2018approx 2000
12-02-201813-02-2018Morning CatherineLe Havre - France05-03-2018approx 1250

Lot size

Use this image to count the approximate amount of vehicles.

Lot sizes vary because of lighting fixtures and even a building in one of the lots.