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Gigafactory 2

This former Solarcity facility is located in Buffalo NY, it has been taken over by Tesla via a merger.

Confusingly the plant is referred to as Gigafactory 2 , but it doesn't make battery's , instead it produces solar panels and tiles.

Gigafactory 2 drone footage

We search the internet for the latest drone footage for all tesla production locations.

Video's are orderd by date , newest always first for easy viewing

Use the link below !

Gigafactory 2 timelapses

Every month we compile a timelapse for each Tesla production location from that month's imagery.

Browse the various available months quickly see the progression of each Tesla production site.

Gigafactory 2 Documents

View published documentation released by tesla or other organisations relevant to the Tesla production locations.

For your convenance we have a integrated PDF reader , or download the document if your device doesn't support it.

Gigafactory 2 News

Want to read about the latest Gigafactory 2 news ?

The best place to look first is at electrek.co

Use the link below to get Gigafactory related news on Electrec.co

Gigafactory 2 Wiki

Info about the second gigafactory , a former solarcity production facility can be found on Wikipedia.

You can look at the Gigafactory 2 specific page by following the link below.

Gigafactory 2 Website

Tesla is continuesly evolving the Gigafactory's. Gigafactory 2 in Buffalo is a solar panel and solar tile production facility

A good place to learn more about Gigafactory 2 is the official webpage.

Gigafactory 2 on Buildzoom

You can tell alot about what is going on at the Gigafactory 2 by looking at the permits.

Buildzoom is a website where you can look at these.

Use the link below to show the permit history of Gigafactory 2.

Gigafactory 2 Jobs

Looking for a job at the Gigafactory 2 ?

You are in luck ! Tesla is always looking for personal to employ.

Take a look at the open Gigafactory 2 jobs by using the this link

Gigafactory 2 Location

So, where is the Gigafactory 2 ?

This facility is located in Buffalo NY.

Take a look at the Gigafactory 2 on google maps.