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Gigafactory 2

Located near Reno the Gigafactory 1 is Tesla's first purpose build lithium ion batterie factory.

Tesla owns the land and building, and leases part of the building to Panasonic, which owns some of the cell production equipment.

Tesla manufactures Tesla Energy products and the car batteries in the same facility.

Gigafactory 2 News

Want to read about the latest Gigafactory 2 news ?

The best place to look first is at

Use the link below to get Gigafactory related news on

Gigafactory 2 Wiki

Info about the second gigafactory , a former solarcity production facility can be found on Wikipedia.

You can look at the Gigafactory 2 specific page by following the link below.

Solarcity Gigafactory 2 Website

Tesla is continuesly evolving the Gigafactory's. Buffalo is a solar panel and solar tile production facility

A good place to learn more about Gigafactory 2 is the official webpage.

Gigafactory 1 on Buildzoom

You can tell alot about what is going on at the Gigafactory 1 by looking at the permits.

Buildzoom is a website where you can look at these.

Use the link below to show the permit history of Gigafactory 1.

Gigafactory 1 Jobs

Looking for a job at the Gigafactory 1 ?

You are in luck ! Tesla is always looking for personal to employ.

Take a look at the open Gigafactory 1 jobs by using the this link

Gigafactory 1 Location

So, where is the Gigafactory 1 ?

This facility is located in Buffalo NY.

Take a look at the Gigafactory 1 on google maps.